A Brief History of RUHE STAYS.

There are many ways to describe the word RUHE in German – a language it owes its origin to. For us though, the feeling it denotes of tranquillity, a sense of calm, and mindful rest, that makes the most sense.

We waddle through life searching for serendipity, collecting moments that soothe our anxieties, finding meaning in music and lyrics that remind us of happier times, and generally aligning ourselves with people and experiences that fulfil our purpose in some way or the other. At the end of the day, all we want to come back home to is love and peace.

At Ruhe, this very quest guides us on our journey – a journey to bridge the gap between you and a bit of magic. We have handcrafted holiday havens where the walls are meant to witness excited banter and intimate moments and the kitchens remain abuzz with an abundance of feasts. Distinguished by their extraordinary features, our elegant tropical villas blend intimacy with exclusivity, inviting you to delve deeper into your destination and discover the hidden treasures beneath its sun-kissed surface.

The location, quality of service and design standards quietly delight but that’s not all we focus on. We take pride in personalisation, crafting tailor made stays for you and your companions. Between the curated itineraries filled with personal recommendations by your dedicated relationship manager, and daily or weekly housekeeping and 24/7 support, you won’t need to worry about a thing. Our team works like a well-oiled machine to ensure your only surprise remains the outstanding splendour of your new home-away-from-home, which, come to think of it, you might never want to leave.

We took our time to find the right artistic pieces for each of our villas, meaning Ruhe has clearly been a labour of love over the years. Right at the beginning, we asked ourselves two questions: Would we like to come back to this home we are building? Would we recommend it to a friend we love? The answers revealed themselves during the process as expected but what we didn’t expect was how many like-minded bon-vivants end up joining our tribe along the way.

Light, bright and, outfitted with striking contemporary furnishings, the interiors of a Ruhe Villa moonlight as instant mood uplifters, working well with the lavish bones of the place. The resulting atmosphere feels grand yet homely – a soothing retreat you’d look forward to come back to after a day of sightseeing, and to recuperate and collect your energy before heading out for a night exploring the culinary delights a city has to offer.

Ruhe is a planet positive, sustainable initiative with a strong commitment towards carbon offsetting. For every traveller and friend that visits us, we plant a tree. No tokenism, no over the top announcements. We give back because we get so much. Come over. Stop over. Stay over. Repeat over and over. We cannot wait to welcome you in at Ruhe Stays.

Why choose us

Luxury Amenities

We have chosen luxury facilities for our properties from reliable reputable brands

Online Payment

Stay at home and take an online payment without the use of checks or card

Airport to Airport

When you are on a vacation, you are on a vacation. Leave everything else to us.

Best location

The location of Ruhe properties is perfect and very central, so it's convenient for moving.

Safe & Secure

Our top priority is your safety and hence, all Ruhe properties have 24 x 7 security.

Friendly Staff

Our staff are helpful. They will assist you in every manner possible.

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